Copywriting 101: How To Write A Powerful Headline That Sells

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Let’s talk headlines, people.

You spent all this time typing up this terrific combination of words for content that you believe represents your business to a tee. Then you realize there’s that other part – the headline. It’s just a headline, you think to yourself. I’ll just summarize.

RED ALERT RED ALERT. It is not just a headline.

SALES COPY 101: The headline is 110% the most crucial part of your sales copy, as it is your one chance to persuade your audience to keep reading. If your headline does not interest or excite people, they will not read. They will not click. They will not like. They will not take action.

If you want your copy to be engaging, if you want to convert visitors into clients, if you want your readers to take action, then you simply have to put thought into your headline.

Today I’m going to tell you about the six components your headline needs to include.

  • VALUE.


Clear writing is powerful and compelling. It turns heads, changes minds, and encourages action. Often times when we’re trying to come up with the right words, we end up with too many.

I had an English tutor in high school who would return our papers/essays with a simple note at the top: Excessive use of words. What she meant was that by using too many words, our essay’s message/thesis was diluted and blurred. And guess what? This lesson rings true for headline writing as well. Clarity always trumps excessive creativity. Sometimes, however, writing for clarity is easier said than done, so here are a few tips for keeping that headline as simple and direct as possible.

  • Know what you want to say, and start by outlining it.
  • Know who you’re talking to.
  • Don’t use lengthy  words.
  • Give your message fresh eyes – re-read it 24 hours later.


If you take just one lesson away from this blog post, this is it: Readers are selfish. They want value, and they want it instantly. What is it that you’re providing? How and why are you going to make your message worth their time? THIS, ABOVE ALL ELSE, NEEDS TO BE IN YOUR HEADLINE. Otherwise, there’s a pretty major chance that they just won’t care.


From the moment we wake up to the minutes before we go to bed, we are bombarded with headlines and captions literally everywhere we look – social media, billboards, direct mail, emails, etc. etc. etc. Many of them make the mistake of just not being memorable. Your job, dear Headline Writer, is to make your words stand out. Be seductive. Be bold. Be flirtatious. Heck, imagine that confetti is falling from the ceiling as you write your headline. Just don’t be bland. Don’t blend in with the rest.


Your readers crave guidance. Without direction, your headline can easily become confusing or misleading. Be as specific as possible with what you’re about to reveal.


When researching anything online, you probably notice that many headlines include numbers. This is because it works. When you throw out a number in a headline, whether it’s in a blog post, an email subject line, an ad or even in a face-to-face conversation, you immediately hook the other person’s interest. When you say “7 Ways Our Company’s Product Will Benefit You This Spring” it’s more engaging and attractive than saying “A Few Ways Our Company’s Product Will Benefit You This Spring”. Generally, lower numbers are more appealing. They promise a short article with easy to digest content.


There are definitely ways to evoke an emotional response through your headline, whether it’s through trigger words or posing a question. Examples:

  • This 5-Minute Read Will Make You a Financial Genius
  • 5 Ways Our Company’s Alarm System Will Watch Over Your Family
  • Four Types Of Homeowners – Which Group Are You In?

There are also trigger words, such as effortless, painstaking, fun, free, incredible, essential, absolute, or strange, that can be a powerful way to elicit response.

One more thing..

Ultimately, above everything, your headline needs to direct your reader to the next step. It needs to convince them to keep reading.

You know that “You Had One Job” meme? Well, that pretty much applies to all your sales copy headlines.

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